Project: Atlases of Parasitology, Infections, and Painful Conditions

To See Is to Understand
Differentiating between normal and abnormal physical conditions

Creating a reference that is both beautiful and indispensable

ELEVATE DVM produced the Atlas of Veterinary Clinical Parasitology for Pfizer Animal Health (now Zoetis) in 1999, working closely with the author and our medical illustrator to design timeless art that would be a go-to resource for veterinary practitioners. The first volume was so successful that it was soon translated and made available globally.  Following in quick succession were two additional atlases: the Atlas of Common Painful Conditions in Dogs and Cats and the Atlas of Infections in Dog and Cats. The exquisite illustrations from all of these books are classic and continue as effective references today.

The Challenge

Provide educational information of enduring value to the client, veterinarian, and pet owner yet broadly support company brands.

The Solution

Generate a learning tool that is timeless with regard to usefulness and quality in a format that is both elegant and durable.

The Impact

The content and illustrations in these atlases are still in active use 15 years after the volumes were released.

Project Details

Client:Pfizer Animal Health / Zoetis


  • Books
  • Atlases
  • Graphic Design
  • Publication


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