Project: Companion Animal Parasite Council

Starting from the Ground Up
Leading the charge to form a new association

Helping raise the bar for parasite awareness and prevention

In 2001 when Novartis asked Dr. Kathy Gloyd to assist with forming what has since become CAPC (Companion Animal Parasite Council), it was challenging to foresee where the process would eventually lead.  What developed made history. Dr. Gloyd helped to establish the Council, create by-laws, incorporate the organization, and write the first Guidelines, then served as CAPC’s first Executive Director.  Writers and designers from ELEVATE DVM created many of the original CAPC documents; and Sonya Hennessy, a meetings and IT specialist with ELEVATE DVM, served the organization for more than 10 years.


The Challenge

Establish an association that could set the standard for education about, and control of, pet animal parasites.

The Solution

Assemble a panel of parasitology experts to help create the structure, and then provide the framework to form the association from initial organizational meetings to by-laws and incorporation to managerial expertise.

The Impact

With its growth still continuing, CAPC is considered a global resource for information on parasites and parasite prevention in pets.

Project Details



  • Graphic Design
  • Symposia
  • Meetings
  • Print
  • Event Planning
  • Speaker Management
  • Association Management


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