Project: Pruritus: 2-Day Intensive Short Course

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ELEVATE DVM introduced and managed a 2-day intensive short course for veterinarians and technicians to explore the causes of pruritus in dogs. The course includes an expert-led lecture, cytology lab, and clinical workshop combined to create a comprehensive learning environment. Actual case studies were filmed in advance and followed from the initial clinic appointment and workup to case resolution so that participants learned through a real-world experience. Feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, leading to requests for a repeat of the lab the following year. Over the past 2 years ELEVATE DVM has revised the lab format to include a live dog workup that can be shared with a larger audience.

The Challenge

Offer attendees a comprehensive, interactive learning experience in a professional area they consider challenging and enable them to take what they learned back to the clinic and apply it immediately.

The Solution

A multiple-day course that included tactile training, along with laboratory and simulated clinical experiences.


The Impact

Personal learning opportunities that one attendee described as “the best lab I have attended in 12 years.”

Project Details

Client:Pfizer Animal Health / Zoetis


  • Symposia
  • Labs
  • handson


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