ELEVATE DVM provides scientific communication, education, and consulting services through the creation and implementation of innovative solutions. 

We consider it a privilege to be in the service of the veterinary community and the animals it touches, and every project we undertake gets our full attention.

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Branding Guidelines

ELEVATE DVM became the management team for the American Heartworm Society in 2009. As the AHS…

NAVC Official Program Guide

ELEVATE DVM was approached by the North American Veterinary Conference to partner in production of…

Scientific Proceedings

For more than 30 years ELEVATE DVM team members have collectively been producing proceedings to…

Pruritus: 2-Day Intensive Short Course

ELEVATE DVM introduced and managed a 2-day intensive short course for veterinarians and technicians to…

Atlases of Parasitology, Infections, and Painful Conditions

ELEVATE DVM produced the Atlas of Veterinary Clinical Parasitology for Pfizer Animal Health (now Zoetis)…

Nestlé Purina Handbooks

ELEVATE DVM began producing the Nestlé Purina Handbooks for clinical practice in 1997.  These popular…

Companion Animal Parasite Council

In 2001 when Novartis asked Dr. Kathy Gloyd to assist with forming what has since…

Social Media

Social media have typically been managed by technically oriented agencies that have no previous experience in…

Product Launch: D-Gel and Excede Training Materials

Our technical writing team at ELEVATE DVM puts many years of solid experience in the…

Promotional Materials

ELEVATE DVM can present the most inventive, effective, and captivating meeting ever conceived, but our…

American Heartworm Society

ELEVATE DVM became the management team for the American Heartworm Society in 2009. As the…

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