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Social media have typically been managed by technically oriented agencies that have no previous experience in the veterinary field, creating the need for thorough internal review of all content prior to posting by the client. ELEVATE DVM offers a ready solution to veterinary social media management through our social media team, which is staffed with veterinarians, veterinary specialists, and expert technical personnel who are leaders in the veterinary field. With staff of this caliber, you can be sure your medical content is always accurate. Combining numerous years of experience with high-level technical expertise creates a powerful and productive way to reach a younger demographic.

The Challenge

Reaching the younger demographic through social media without straining a client’s internal staffing resources.

The Solution

Offer our clients a means of achieving a presence on social media through a veterinary-oriented, technically knowledgeable staff who are leaders in veterinary medicine, enabling clients to post medically accurate information.

The Impact

A rapidly expanding outreach to veterinary audiences through social media. The results speak for themselves. Within the past year the number of Facebook “likes” for the American Heartworm Society has tripled, largely because of communications materials ELEVATE DVM has developed as the Society’s Association Management Team. Within a year of assuming responsibility, we have also doubled the social media audience for another key leader in the veterinary field, previously handled by a non-veterinary–based agency.

Project Details

Client:American Heartworm Society


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Social Media
  • Electronic Communication


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