Janet Driscoll

Broad experience in the private sector, university system, and veterinary medical publishing enable Janet to combine aptitude and imagination — to create innovative, visually captivating, and technically eloquent media.

What Janet Brings to the Table

  • University professor, graphic design
  • Partner, advertising agency
  • Creative Director, veterinary medicine publishing
  • Principal, design studio

Fun Facts

Has always longed to swim with whales — wants to look one in the eye up close and personal.

Never liked to cook until recently but can make dinner in less than 20 minutes from whatever is in the pantry — her husband has somehow survived.

Her previous dog, a Pomeranian named Ray, went everywhere with Janet and her husband — to work with Janet, backpacking, canoeing, river rafting — when Ray lost his hearing they taught him sign language for daily activities.

Quality Assurance Team

Lily — 9 years’ experience
Hard-working (patrols the yard each night) mixed breed dog that doesn’t like to get her feet wet — she should be named Princess.

Zip — 8 years’ experience
Funny, affectionate, sweet, and TOTALLY clueless — lived outside the first 4 years of his life and arrived with zero house skills, thus, his name: he started from “zip.”

About Janet

Broad experience in the
private sector, university system,
and veterinary medical publishing.

TitleCreative Director / Graphic Designer
EmailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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