Joe Gloyd, DVM

A cowboy from birth, a “rules & regs” guy by trade — 16 years in mixed animal practice, 21 years on staff with AVMA, and active membership in over 10 national veterinary associations creates an understanding of the finer points of regulatory issues, academic accreditation, and the needs of the practicing veterinarian.

What Joe Brings to the Table

  • 16 years mixed animal practice
  • 21 years AVMA staff
  • 10 years Wyoming Board of Veterinary Medicine
  • Co-founder, Gloyd Group (1997)

Fun Facts

Learned to ski at age 55. His wife, Kathy, may dispute the “learned” part.

Mayor of a small town in Wyoming before being thrown out — salary was $50/month.

Dropped out of typing in high school when the rest of the class reached 50 words/minute and he was still at 13.


Quality Assurance Team

Lucky — 13 years’ experience
Lab/rottie cross rescue — her history is a good example of why NOT to name a dog “Lucky,” but she is the happiest dog in the universe.

Fort Knox — 5 years’ experience
Yellow Lab whose name says it all — he is worth his (considerable) weight in gold!

Marco Polo (Marco), Isabella (Bella), Phillip (Phil) — 1 year experience each
Mackerel Tabby cats rescued at 10 days of age — fell in love with them and kept the entire litter. Apparently imprinted on the dogs so follow them everywhere, including on daily hikes.

About Joe

A cowboy from birth,
a “rules & regs” guy by trade.

TitleFounder & Secretary / Treasurer
EmailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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